The McDonald’s Mistake

Published April 7, 2012 by The Inane and insane Ramblings of Rose

Okay, so I have altered my diet dramatically in the last 4-6 months and over that time I have not had McDonald’s once. I used to be a McDonald’s addict. Well my son is a chicken Mcnuggets fan and I thought, hack, it’s a holiday weekend.  Soooooo…… on the way to my mother’s house we stopped at McDonald’s and he had chicken McNuggets and I had that epitome of all things unhealthy: The Big Mac. Big Mistake! My body is not used to all that fat and salt and general chemical stew implanted in that pseudo beefy goodness. It tasted wonderful going down. But now I feel positively green! My body is teaching me a lesson. Though shalt no longer eat fast food unless thou is willing to pay for it dearly. Lesson definitely learned! I am not weighing myself this coming monday because I have slacked off a bit this week on my diet and exercise plan due to the holidays and just general stress. I’ve had some minor emotional eating and some major laziness when it comes to exercising. So I am starting fresh on monday. I have also decided to start filling in my day planner each night for goals the next day as I have stopped doing that and have started to lose some structure and I really need the structure and motivation or I’m not getting things accomplished and I am not remaining accountable. It also helps with my battle with my depression and bipolar disorder because if there is something I really need to work on I can remind myself to do it. This week wednesday I had a med review at the doctors and he doubled my wellbutrin which is my second anti depressant. So hopefully that will help get me out of this great green funk that I am in. IN addition to a better diet and exercise.  so that’s it for me. Love to you all and have a very happy Easter!




The Magic number is…….

Published April 3, 2012 by The Inane and insane Ramblings of Rose

282.6 lbs. Another 1.2 lbs down. Okay so it is .6 pounds short of my goal for the week but it’s better than nothing. This week is Easter week and as such I plan on sticking to an exercise routine only until friday as saturday and sunday I am spending with my family. I will try not to overdo it with junk food or anything though this upcoming weekend. As for my exercise routine I am switching things up a little bit. I am adding yoga and beach body as well as the Jillian Michaels so as to not get bored. And I am keeping small other achievable goals for each day to make progress and keep moving. So as Martha Stewart says, “It’s a good thing.”



Another new week

Published March 27, 2012 by The Inane and insane Ramblings of Rose

Okay so last week didn’t go as I planned. I weighed in yesterday and only lost a pound so I am down to 283.8which is okay. A loss is still a loss. I did decide that moving forward on the DVD’s wasn’t goign to work. My fitness level just is not high enough yet despite the amount of weight loss i have had. But there is no shame in doing what I have to do to get healthy so I am moving back to discs one and two one Jillian Michaels. Discs 3 and 4 were just way too high impact and I was not able to do them correctly without hurtign myself or havign soem chect paina nd I didn’t want that whole cannoli to start again. So I am going back to the first two discs plus the cardio, and adding some yoga, my exercise bike, and going back to swimming. I am also going to be doing more outdoor activities with Liam such as hiking. I did manage to do everything on my to do list for last week so that’s a big plus. Every step forward is a good step. Everything I do is an “I can” versus and “I tried” which is why it is so important to set attainable goals. even though I couldn’t do the second discs the entire week, I swithced back to the first discs and still got in six days of exercise so that’sa big thing. ic ompleted my vision board. i paid my bills. I ate healthy. I drank plenty of water. I went shopping for groceries. i completed the swaps that i was signed up for. I ordered what I needed to for my other swaps. I even started some new supplements. Just to give me a little push. So these are all good thigns and all good steps towards acheiving my goals. Hopefully this week will bring even better things.

A new week

Published March 20, 2012 by The Inane and insane Ramblings of Rose

Well today was a mixed bag. I started off with a new Jillian Michaels DVD disc 3 and it was very discouraging. The impact between last weeks workouts and this weeks is so hugely different that I just dont have the strength to complete half the moves in proper form. Still I gave it my best shot and stuck with it through the entire half an hour. I’m not sure how and I know I’ll be in pain tommorow but at least I tired. And I will keep trying until I get it right. I also did 45 minuts of Yoga for beginers on DVD and that was fantastic. Challenging but fantastic. It made me feel much better. So it was an okay day overall. I also started on my vision board. i have alot more to go and to add to it but I got a good part of it done. And am feeling good about the results. I even devised a rewards system for my weight loss efforts which will give me more incentive and gives me tangible milestones to work for. So that’s it for today. Let’s see what tommorow brings.


Some inspiration from the feel good

Published March 19, 2012 by The Inane and insane Ramblings of Rose