Day off

Published January 17, 2012 by The Inane and insane Ramblings of Rose

Today is my day off from the gym. And Peters day off from work which means challenges. I overate for lunch. That doesn’t mean I am done for though. I can still eat a healthy dinner and be okay. It’s just that I don’t want to ruin my diet. Tommorow is a full day. I am going to go to the green grocer and clean out my freezer so I can prep fruits and veggies for the week to come. I also have to pay my bills and go to the gym. So it will be a day of progress. See on my days off I am nervous because I feel like I am losing a little footing for whatever reason. Today I did make progress on one of my reoslutions: following up with my physician. I made an appointment for next week wednesday and am scheduled for a thyroid profile and a lipid panel in the morning to see if the diet has brought my cholesterol down at all and to see if my hypothyriod is under control. I have also made strides in keeping in touch with my family. Yesterday I wrote a message to my sister and an email to my aunt mary and aunt cathy and today I called my grandmother so those are all good things. I am also trying to keep up with my penpals though I got four, yes FOUR letters today so it will take me a bit to catch up with them, in addition to the new penpals I already owe.  I did finish my sticker swap from swap bot so that is something. I have several envelopes to send out tommorow. So I am doing okay. I am just a nervous nellie I guess. Oh well. There will be days like that. But I just need to keep on trekking.

Bye peeps



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