Long few days: challenges, health updates, gym updates, and more

Published January 25, 2012 by The Inane and insane Ramblings of Rose

Well monday I went to the gym as you know. What you didn’t hear was that monday night I was rushed by ambulance to the hospital with crushing chest pain, shortness of breath, and pain down my left arm. Suffice it to say, I survived.  Not a heart attack. A few hours at the ER and a follow-up today at my physician and it turns out I have angina. Yes, at 31, I have angina. So Now I have to go for a stress test and cardiac work up. But I am not letting this slow me down. In fact the doctor was impressed by my lowered cholesterol, my improved blood pressure, and my weight loss.  He didn’t say I had to stop working out. So I didn’t. I went today. I did my usual workout. I of course paid dearly for it with another episode of chest pain but this time one that quickly subsided. I need to schedule the cardiologist as soon as possible. And I need to keep up with my diet and exercise routine. I just need to slow down on the exercise.  I will admit that I am a little bit discouraged at this bit of a development. But like I said, I won’t let this stop me. I just need to let it slow me down a little bit. So that’s that. I did find this neat picture of me at the weight where I want to be at at the end of the year. This is it. A thinner happier me It doesn’t look like a huge difference but trust me it is. I will try to take a picture tomorrow of myself at my current weight and post it so that you can see where I am at compared to where I was at the beginning and where I want to be.



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