Another Step In the right direction….

Published February 7, 2012 by The Inane and insane Ramblings of Rose

Today I made it back to the gym and worked out again for 45 minutes. I walked my 1.25 miles on the treadmill and did 15 minutes on the exercise bike going about 3.65 miles. So it was another step in the right direction. I also got in my three bottles of water and had a green smoothie for breakfast so that was a good start to my morning. Tommorow after my doctors appointment with my P Doc, I plan on going to the gym and hitting the pool for some variety. I think I feel up to it and it will feel great to get back into the water again. I am sore today and tired but I think that’s to be expected. Emotionallyy I am a little on the down side still but according to my therapist that’s normal after a health scare too. I just need to keep moving and get back into the scheme of things. Nice easy baby steps getting back into my groove. It’s normal for one to be out of their comfort zone after a health scare so it’s okay and I am being gentle with myself. I have a great support system and I know I can do it.



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