Published February 8, 2012 by The Inane and insane Ramblings of Rose

This is incredible wisdom from an incredible blogger and fits in with my resolutions perfectly!

Natural Living

I dare you to:

1.LOOK at a bad moment in your life and grab a positive lesson from it.

2. BE TRUTHFUL to yourself and face something you know you have been avoiding.

3. SAY SORRY to a person you think deserves your apology.

4. LISTEN to someone who is having a bad day and help them feel better.

5. TRY something new at least once every week. Even if it’s something small like learning a new word.

6.BE GRATEFUL for at least one thing in your day.Everyday.

7. SAY THANK YOU to someone you think impacted your in life in a positive way.

8.UNDERSTAND a different point of view that frustrates you.

9. LEARN one fact a day.

10. LOVE someone unconditionally.

In trying to be a better me this year, I have come up with a list  of dares and have dared you to try…

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