The cardiologist, a dip in the pool, and Beanitos anyone?

Published February 10, 2012 by The Inane and insane Ramblings of Rose

Okay so today had a sort of rough start. I do not recomend vitamin code liquid vitamin supplement to anyone who does not enjoy a bout of early morning projectile vomiting. Yes it’s that bad. Don’t do it. Just don’t. So after I cleaned the walls of my Linda Blair-esque escapade, I headed off to the cardiologist. Dr. Kauffman rocks. He truly does. He is an excellent doctor. He looked me over from head to toe, went over  the labs, the cath result, the ekgs, the symptoms, etc and says that unless an echolcardiogram shows up some sort of pulmonary hypertension, I’m in the clear cardiac wise. Of course being the safe guy that he is, he is sending me for said echo next wednesday to be safe. Then he recomends I get a sleep apnea workup. Okay, I know I have it. I just need to be officially diagnosed. I snore like a bear and a stop breathing occasionally in my sleep according to my occassionally very alarmed husband. So that will be taken care of next.

In the meantime, I headed off to the gym and my workout of choice for the day was a swim in the pool. It felt soooooo good.  I love how the water feels on my body and how it feels pulling myself along. i swam for 45 minutes, after which I was spent. I came home, grabbed the bottle of evil evil liquid vitamin and returned to the health food store. She said I am the second person that complained of the same thing. Would have been nice for her to warn me of that yesterday when I bought it. She says the other person also complained of a burning sensation when swallowing it. HMMMMMM. GREAT! So she took it back and gave me the option of store credit or a refun. Believe it or not I took the store credit. I bought Quorn veggie crumbles, texturized vegtable protien, red quinoa, raw milk, carrot chips, unsulphured papaya slices, and…. wait for it…… BEANITOS!!!! These things are freakin awesome. Check out the website at . They are like potato chips except made out of black beans. They are chipolte bbq flavored, low cal, high protein, high fiber, gluten free, corn free, soy free, and just taste AWESOME!!! I am totally hooked!!!! You have got to try these, especially if you are a potato chip fan. These are even better than regular potato chips. They also come in other flavors which I will definitely have to try. So that’s my day. Tonight it is supposed to snow so I am not sure exactly what my weekend will bring. But I will have fun I am sure.



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