The weigh in and Purple Hair

Published February 12, 2012 by The Inane and insane Ramblings of Rose

Well I weighed myself this morning and I am back down below 290 to 289.8 so that is a good thing. It’s not perfect but means I am gaining ground again. So I am happy with that result. That does not mean that the peanut butter cups in my bedroom drawer are not calling my name lololol. But they are for days when I really deserve a treat.  I already had my treat for today… Purple Hair!!! Yesterday I bleached my hair and today I dyed it permanent violet. It looks awesome I will take a pic later at some point and post it. I love my purple and I think I did a bang up job.  It’s totally cool. Now I just need a trim and I am set!    Meanwhile this morning I made a bang up smoothie with spinach, cucumber, celery, yellow bell pepper, watermelon, and cantelope. It was good. I have no idea what I’m having for dinner tonight but it has to be something really healthy as we ate out last night. I mean it was fairly healthy last night, mostly sushi but even so. Tonight will most likely be fish, whole grain mix, and veggies of some sort. Well that’s about it! My goals for this week are to go to the gym three times, lose one pound, ride the eexercise bike for 15 minutes a day on my off days, get my echocardiogram done on wednesday, therapy on friday, get my truck fixed tommorow, drink lots of water, be more predictable with my sparkpeople account, write more in my journal, catch up on my swaps and penpals, and maybe do something fun. So that’s it for me. See you next time!



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