Kale Chips, Oh My!

Published February 17, 2012 by The Inane and insane Ramblings of Rose

Okay, I have discovered my new favorite healthy snack food next to beanitos: kale chips. Specifially mexican spiced Kale chips. They are awesome. They came in my order from www.therawfoodworld.com today which included mexican spiced kale chips, dijon kale chips, krusts, and thai coconut sugar. All good healthy foods, in moderation of course. Im addition, my day was spent primarily relaxing, catching up on a penpal/swapbot project, and working out on my exercise bike. Nothing too exciting. Especially in this weather. It was snowy and beautiful today but I am not a big fan of driving in the snow. Tommorow on the agenda, I have a morning therapy appointment followed by hopefully a trip to the gym. I also have to go to the post office. And I need to go to the craft shop and pick up a few more bits and pieces for some projects. But at least I got my exercise in. And I ate fairly healthy today too. I had a small bowl of butternut squash soup for brunch, a glucerna shake and a fiber one bar for late afternoon, and chicken and veggie whole wheat pasta for dinner. And for an evenign snack I had some beanitos and a zero calorie lifewater. So that’s abotu it. Still waiting to hear back abotu the echo. But hopefully no news is good news. We’ll have to see!




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