The Original “37”

1. To lose 1 pound per week. My starting weight is 297.6 pounds. I want to lose 52 pounds by the end of the year. Many of the following New Years Resolutions will help me to achieve that goal.
2. To drink lots more water and cut down on soda
3. To eat breakfast every day
4. To get up before 10 am no matter how bad the night before was or how late I was up.
5. To try and get to bed before 10pm most nights
6. To increase  my fruit and vegetable intake
7. To only have 1 treat per day
8. To exercise at least 3 days a week
9. To be more social and outgoing
10. To become more medication compliant
11. to decrease alcohol use (not that I drink much now anyway but I want to drink even less)
12. To follow up more consistenly with my primary doctor
13. To stop over everything: over spending, over eating, over sleeping, over indulging
14. To start answering collection phone calls and become more accountable for my finances and bills
15. To journal nearly every night or as often as I can
16. To follow through with my pen pal letters
17. To continue my online relationships and put more effort into them
18. To stay in better touch with my family
19. To continue on my path towards trauma recovery and follow through on my plan towards recovery
20. To try to laugh more, love more, and focus less on stress
21. To spend more quality time with my husband and son
22. To learn something new like guitar or a new craft
23. To read more
24. To spend less time on the computer
25. To do more of the cooking and cleaning in the household
26. To celebrate all of the holidays more fully and enjoy them all
27. To be more particpatory in my son’s School Activities
28. To fill in my planner every night and keep to my goals for the next day
29. To work on my spirituality
30. To get outside more and enjoy nature
31. Go apple picking
32. strawberry picking
33. blueberry picking,
34. hike dingmans and bushkill falls
35. swim nude at Gunnisons beach.
36. Quit biting my nails
37. To work harder in therapy

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