Another new week

Published March 27, 2012 by The Inane and insane Ramblings of Rose

Okay so last week didn’t go as I planned. I weighed in yesterday and only lost a pound so I am down to 283.8which is okay. A loss is still a loss. I did decide that moving forward on the DVD’s wasn’t goign to work. My fitness level just is not high enough yet despite the amount of weight loss i have had. But there is no shame in doing what I have to do to get healthy so I am moving back to discs one and two one Jillian Michaels. Discs 3 and 4 were just way too high impact and I was not able to do them correctly without hurtign myself or havign soem chect paina nd I didn’t want that whole cannoli to start again. So I am going back to the first two discs plus the cardio, and adding some yoga, my exercise bike, and going back to swimming. I am also going to be doing more outdoor activities with Liam such as hiking. I did manage to do everything on my to do list for last week so that’s a big plus. Every step forward is a good step. Everything I do is an “I can” versus and “I tried” which is why it is so important to set attainable goals. even though I couldn’t do the second discs the entire week, I swithced back to the first discs and still got in six days of exercise so that’sa big thing. ic ompleted my vision board. i paid my bills. I ate healthy. I drank plenty of water. I went shopping for groceries. i completed the swaps that i was signed up for. I ordered what I needed to for my other swaps. I even started some new supplements. Just to give me a little push. So these are all good thigns and all good steps towards acheiving my goals. Hopefully this week will bring even better things.


5 comments on “Another new week

  • Keep it up! You have way more dedication than I do. I’ve lost 11 pounds since I was diagnosed diabetic, but it’s all been due to dietary changes. I want to be more active, but I’m a social exerciser! 🙂 Don’t beat yourself up about not being able to progress. Baby steps when needed!

    P.S. What’s a vision board?

    SunnyBea via Swap-bot Promoting your Blog swap!

    • sunnybea its weird you said that about being diabetic. i am a type 1 and every 4 years i gain alot of weight. then the next 4 years i lose it all. then i gain then i lose. i go from 120 – 193 . it sucks.

      rose- very lovely blog. i to have problems with exercise. i dont like to do it alone but i also dont like to do it in front of anyone. it sucks for me. good luck with everything and i hope you get to where your comfortable and want it.

      promoting your blog 3 – blue crayons

  • I’m also trying to be healthy because I have gall stones and I was on a roll for like 5months then boom back to fast food and unhealthy food. Maybe I will find motivation in the new year. I have heard good things about jillan micheals dvd, so Im going to buy it after the holidays. A

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